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Real Time 3D video inspection

Our 3D Video Processing Unit (VPU) is now available. It combines 2 HD camera inputs and produces a 3D image onto a 3D monitor. . . . all in real time!

We will provide design assistance to help incorporate the VPU assembly into your custom designs.

Welcome to Design & Test Technology, Inc.

Since 1993, we have specialized in process control instrumentation utilizing state of the art electronics and algorithms operating in real time. We have assisted other companies with their new product designs, providing development and prototypes as well as pre-production manufacturing.


We have designed, developed and built instrumentation for industry, custom products for dental applications, and specialized test equipment.

Our latest product is the 3D Video Processing Unit which provides a real-time 3D image. Design & Test Technology has developed a version for dental operatory use which is meeting enthusiastic response. The electronic module responsible for this implementation is now available for non-dental applications

Please go to the Products page where you will find more details for the Video Processing Unit, VPU.

Fast, personal response

Design & Test Technology is centrally located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. When you work with us, you are guaranteed an immediate response to your requests, whether for status or for an engineering change. You will be talking to the engineers actually working on your new product. You are our focus. We will work with you to see that your product is fully qualified before it leaves our facility, and stay with you through installation and custom field trials. We never forget that our reputation depends on your complete satisfaction.